Amplitude Level 1! Low ScR

I’ve never seen this. It feels like we are about to get hit by a very big X class solar flare and the ScR is going to be blasted. There is an earth layer spike at 4 PM point. I think it’s an earthquake.
It’s empty.

My body and intuition says we have some big earth changes coming. I don’t think a solar flash will happen but regionally, other events will depending on THE MINDSET OF THE COMMUNITY.

I will check 3D IChing location and 4D time portal location.

I Ching 20 is equatorial-360° E—30°S which is synchronous with the location of our 4D time portal today; White 4 Mirror. We’re at hieratic-tropic south.

That one is 30°S–30°E (as you curve around the planet it turns West). This is located at S. Africa on the East Coast. It’s a SIGNAL KIN at the solar plexus and receives information from the cosmic web for the planet. The planet holon is a galactic receiver-transmitter. We are too! Our bodies are.

Tomorrow is Blue 5 Overtone Storm so...we end the harmonic in Yellow 6 Sun Gateway whose time portal is over Europe and the Middle East.

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