Every day, Our Bodies are Concurrently in the Past and the Future because our Minds are.

The Archetype for the Mayan Jaguar White Wizard Priestesses; Ixchel. The Mother of the GAP kin, the Loom of the 13 Moons. She is the Source of Life.
Look at her open hands receiving water, our emotion, our heart. Bless the Goddess. The archetype for Yellow Star is there also. So we see tribe 8, and tribe 9 archetype.

Until we drop that mental focus and meditate in the Axis of The Eternal Present-NOW-the brain and Spinal Cord, we vascillate between the two. I know I do. I love thinking about my ancestors and talking about them with my sister and my Mom. That’s ok! It’s good to honor our ancestors. Just don’t stay there and worship them or define your NOW by them. Create your own now and just thank them for their DNA. That is pure truth in TIME.

Your work needs to sit in the now if you can swing it. Your work needs to be a meditation from your center and it will stop your aging. I am that way in my office with patients.

Time is ETERNAL, timelessness is real as taught by the White Wizard Jaguar Priestess Tribe. HOWEVER, while we’re in the body, made for us by our parents, we have the gift of MEMORY, or REMEMBERING which is in all or our cells. This is recollection.

Map 33 in Earth Ascending.

The 3D hexagrams are in linear order on the left as we perceive time in space. Of course that is not how it manifests.

On the right are the 64 I Ching trigrams in the Franklin Square of 8. They add up to 260 adding up every line. It’s the Mayan HAAB, the sprocket of 260 with 365. on the left is SPACE. ON the right is TIME. We are space-time.

Chris Cross wrote some absolutely songs in the 70’s. He was big in my teenage years. Still a great artist. You don’t hear many great melodies anymore.

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