As I Thought. The Power Is Up to 45

Solar cycle flip; magnetic north and south flip every 22 years on the sun! We just entered solar cycle 25 which means the last one was 2001. Nobody was freaking out on narratives then except for the whole millenial thing. Y2K? Omg. Fear,fear, fear. Someone was selling books.

I just posted Map 30 on the Sunspot cycle. I included the Hx-HF alignments for the dates of solar cycle change. I just calculated the last one. It’s was December 9, 2022, Red 10 Planetary Serpent, HF52-Hx12 WHICH WAS AN OMEGA POINT which means ending of a cycle which is an equatorial hexagram on the American Plate. Jose put the word “Mayans” next to it. It’s a TROPIC Hexagram.

Ok. Flipping the page, that means HF53 began the new solar cycle, Hx21 which says TIAHUANACO on the image. It’s just beneath Hx12.

On December 13, 2022 we hit Red 1 Magnetic Moon in HF53 and began a new HF, a new 13 day cycle and new 52 day castle, the Green Castle of Enchantment; Court of the Matrix, Synchronize Human. By 12/22/23 we were getting blizzard warnings here and the weather turned big time, and there was no sun from the 12/22 blizzard until today.

Now the solar flares are hitting and the sun is out so we began a new solar cycle IMO.

The amplitude power is 45
More amplitude than we’ve seen in 6 months. IMO, it’s because we’ve ended a 11.3 year solar cycle. It’s the crossover node either positive or negative in the binary crossover polarity. We are entering solar cycle 25. It’s nature.

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