Sunday Frequencies-Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle Arginine


It is the shamanic, geomantic way of acquiring knowledge and it is older than the human race which is only 1 million years old approximate. Shamanic, geomantic skills are at least as old as the earth, 14 BILLION years.

The Psi Bank are the Tones of Creation1-13-literally.

Cosmic Change and opportunity are the Hidden Wisdom today. Do you wish everything would stay the same and you can remain in your old habits and never grow? Earth will never be like that. We are an evolutionary decimal planet of constant change. The more humans try to control things the more dissonant the collective frequencies get. We’re supposed to flow with nature.

The Earth Frequencies are pushing us again to wake up. My patients were very emotionally negative about their families after the holiday. Maybe people are finally starting to deal with subconscious trauma instead of wallowing in addiction and self-destructive actions that make them sick 😫. Thus the continual clouds in MI. Our minds and feelings directly affect our bodies and the earth energies!

Updated at 1 pm EST
The Amplitudes are headed upward also.

3D Solar System to 4D Time

The 5gforce to ascend 3 and 4D spacetime, which is real as a holographic projection, is kin 65; Red 13 Cosmic Serpent. “I endure in order to survive. Transcending instinct I seal the store of life force with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of universal water. ” (Red 13 Moon)

This is a Stage VI Harmonic pulsing to the Modern World and current history. We are on the CA strand, past to present in the Z.O.T. The inverse HF is 7 with the Hidden Wisdom; White 13 Cosmic WB.

1Jupiter, 1Jupiter, 1Jupiter, 1asteroid belt, 13Mars. Arginine, Valine, Arginine, Serine, and Threonine.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance and spends about one year in each sign. With Jupiter in Aries, and especially in the beginning of this one-year period, there is fortunate opportunity for those who demonstrate leadership ability. This is a positive time for any self-directed activity, a time when everyone is more inclined to show courage. You can benefit by just taking a risk and being confident!

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, and we’re cheerful and open-hearted.
  • With retrograde Mercury trine Uranus today, creative ideas come readily. It can be a time to return to a recent plan or problem for further thought or insight. Conversations and musings can be unique, leading to new ideas and perspectives. We might seek out topics, news, and discussions that lift us above minor problems and free our thinking today.


Amino Acid Corner

Amino acids are proteins. Every one of your billion of cells is a type of protein with electromagnetic negative and positive charge. We are a little QI machine is a body spacesuit. The energy that makes you feel the way you do is SUBTLE. It’s your feelings and thoughts. Be mindful. Your body is picking it all up. Speak nicely to your body at all times and to yourself.

Today’s evolving amino acid is Arginine in sync with the other A.A.’s I named in the oracle.

This amino acid is a building block that helps create proteins. It stimulates the release of insulin and gets rid of ammonia. Most importantly, the body uses arginine to make nitric oxide. Children need arginine to help them grow and develop. In adults, it helps improves blood flow, heals wounds, and repair damaged tissue. The good news is that arginine is found in many foods, so it is easy to increase your intake when your body needs more.

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