A Tzolkonic Description of the movement of the Sunspots in their Cyclical Periodicity

The Sunspots generate the auroras. The Psi Bank is monitored as emanations from Galactic Center, pulsed through Our Sun and then onto the 2 top layers of the Psi Bank (The Collective MIND of DNA) THAT IS THE TZOLKIN. Because of these cosmic cycles we can map the evolution of our DNA daily through the harmonic as the binary triplet configuration around the GAP kin, the Loom of Maya, our DNA from our mother’s that Is TIME, IS the EARTH, IS our bodies, IS the cosmos. Mind-Body-Spirit. Time is real because Mind is real.

Watch out for science media that says Time is an Illusion. They are saying that we don’t count and it’s dis-empowering. We totally count. They have an agenda, and it’s not a good one. Mind, Spirit, Intention, and Feelings are LITERAL, or you wouldn’t have a Body to knock around in. You created it with the cooperation of your parents because you intended it. Magic! Take care of yourself.

Among the Maya north of the equator, the tool developed for recording the binary pulsation of the sunspots was the SACRED CALENDAR, with its cycle of thirteen units repeated twenty time for a total of 260 days. (13:20) Sixteen of these Tzolkin cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one major binary sunspot cycle to complete itself.

I’m very sorry, but no one else has this cycle timing correct. The Maya are at the top. I’ll just keep posting no matter what. Let the chips fall where they will.

The true nature of the Sun and Our Psi Bank According to the Maya. Map 30

As you look at the image on the right the pulse of the Tzolkin 4D harmonics to the 3D I Ching Hexagrams is;

  • Hx54-HF22 at the tropics
  • Hx12-HF52 at the tropics
  • Hx43-HF2 at the tropics
  • Hx21-HF53 at the tropics
  • Hx11-HF14 in the arctic North
  • Hx53-HF44 in the arctic North
  • Hx22-HF45 in the arctic South
  • Hx44-HF3 in the arctic South

I will include this dynamic on my daily posts as we hit the Harmonic and see what occurs psycho-culturally and in the biosphere.

“What is immediately striking is the the total movement of the sunspots as a perfect MIRROR of the COSMIC DYNAMIC, the binary crossover polarity pattern. Moving in binary pairs, beginning at the thirty-degree latitudes north and south of the solar equator, one spot is positively charged, the other negatively. Over a period that averages 11.3 years, these two binary spots slowly pulse inward until they meet at the solar equator. When this occurs there is a jump, the polarity is switched, and the spots, now in opposite place, begin their movement at thirty degrees north and south through another approximately 11.3 year cycle.

Though the complete cycle is about 22.6 years, it is at the 11.3 year crossover polarity points that the effects of the sunspots attain maximum effect in the earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere (as I post in the ScR reading daily). As the cycle runs its course, the outer radiation belt becomes saturated with negative solar electrons. Corresponding to the moment of crossover polarity, the over-saturated outer belt rains solar radiation down upon the earth. The most visible effect of this unique solar terrerrestrial synchronization is the manifestation of the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis in the vicinity of the north and south magnetic poles respectively.

Earth Ascending, page94-Map30

Translated into terrestrial terms, the 11.3 year sunspot cycle reversal represents a leap from the tropic/hieratic leaf to the arctic/shamanic zone. Psycho-culturally this event correspond to an infusion of shamanic AC currents into the temperate zones in exchange for a rush of hieratic CA current. Through such an exchange, amounting to a bio-psychic aurora, although it may go undetected, we do have resonant clues for where such occurrence might have been monitored and regulated in the earlier stage of history when knowledge through attunement was still a dominant mode.

The more I look at this and study it from all angles, it appears to me that the Source of OUR SUN are the Tzolkin TONES OF CREATION, 1-13. Light comes from sound. It’s a physics fact. The Sun’s light is powered by the Cosmic Tones. And what might the Source of Sound be?

Source is Galactic Center. Any science that does not express itself in a full understanding of COSMIC PATTERNS is not one to follow folks. We live in a Grand Universe, not just on a little planet with it’s little records over the past few hundred years in our little solar system.

The Maya left a record of Cosmic Cycles here and humans would be wise to listen to those of us who study it in this culture of fear-mongering and technology that can change the weather to their liking to manipulate us, and they do, for now.

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