Watch “Yo-Yo Ma Teaches Music and Connection | Official Trailer | MasterClass” on YouTube

This is YoYoMa’s birth gateway and why he believes in perfection…on Earth? (His mediating planet) The Tzolkin is never wrong. This is the 10~4 pulse for these kin. They don’t figure out true perfection until they’re 70 years old. He’s 67. Birthday is 10/7/55. He is a Libra. ♎️

This is exactly what I mean when I say Musicians are Magicians. Listen to the whole video.

I’ve lost music expression of late because I’m obsessed with our incorrect cycles of time. Cosmic time is perfect. The cycles sprocket exactly and that has to do with math.

I suppose I have yet to bridge art and science in my own DNA, in my own mind because I feel science has gotten so much wrong, especially about the body that has caused too much suffering.

I’m not bored. Something will push through in the patterns that will be another epiphany and I’m sure it will have to do with sound which is music. Music is always evolving which is why it’s good to break out of the classical box and grow into jazz. Many classical players need to do that.

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