We Have Confirmation of the Date I Suggested in a Recent Post

The beginning of the 5th Sun as the Maya call it, is 1Flint. In Maya, Flint is the sacrificial knife or Sword. The Sword or blade is an archetype for WHITE MIRROR. It reflects and cuts both ways.

I brought up this issue in a recent post. The date of the Fifth Sun is November 2, 2024 or possibly July 20, 2025, the next time we hit White 1 Mirror which is when GGLN is supposed to be able to cross the boundary into our system and get close to our super stargate to clean up nefarious actors pushing out A.I., as I have said and Corey has said, they can try all they want to push A.I. on earth. It isn’t going to stick.


Take a look at this short video. Especially note the point at 5:33 towards the end. I saw it for the first time today.

White 1 Mirror figures strongly in my Book, “Time is DNA” because my calculations show that 30:18:1:118 is the holographic plate to reflect Bohm’s holomovement. This is White 1 Mirror and has also been a highly synchronistic gateway in my life.

Thus I came up with anequation, also in my book, I call the TSR (Time Science Research) Equation. It’s a little bit complicated but I remember a few years ago doing a combination of rational thinking and channeling to figure it out. It all made sense to me. I was awake and working. It wasn’t like a dream.

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