This was 2012-2013. The Sun’s Magnetic Field Flipped. Watch the Video.

The asteroid belt
Our local neighborhood. The asteroid belt isn’t in the picture. Denial

THE SUN, not earth, flips its magnetic field every 11 years. 11:11 represents the solar minimum and then the solar maximum which people in our community keep talking about. But the sun doesn’t go dark and flip the earth’s magnetic North every 22 years, or Solar Maximum. We’re supposedly at the end of a 13,000, 26,000-year cycle although the guys keep incorrectly saying 12,000 and 24,000. So where are we then? I go by The Tzolkin and the I Ching. The smartest people on the planet say that the Maya are the expert Time Keepers so end of discussion.

What is the correlation between the EARTH pole shift and the solar FLASH when the sun goes dark and Corey says we’re all going to die? It’s a good thing he’s not God.

2012 + 11 = 2023. This year should be interesting.

We’re in a spectral process harmonic. That must be why my brain is ruminating on this.

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