Musicians are the Magicians on The Planet, as well as other Artists.

Time is Art. Time is DNA. We are Art or creators as Time.

My son’s father Dave, White 4 Self-Existing Wizard was a wild pianist like this; jazz and classical. Not at concert level like she is but he could have been. He didn’t like the attention. But he did play that Beethoven piece that Gould plays almost that good.

I’ll never forget the night I went out to the jazz club Speak EZ here in G.R. on Sunday night and one of his so-called best friends called him a freak, to my face. Dave wasn’t there but he was still alive. He died December 29, 2015. Alex talks about him often. He’s here with us. He took so much sh.. for being excellent.

He wasn’t a freak. He just practiced has ass off, in the room where my office is now. He just worked hard to point of being pegged “a jazz mercenary”. I work hard too as a Healer but I keep to myself around here. Unfortunately, I can’t find my music right now. I’m not sure why.

At 7:36, this is the Beethoven piece that Dave would pound out quite a bit our our baby grand. Beethoven was his fav.
All of this music played at the same time would change the frequency of the planet.

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