Consonance and Dissonance as Frequency

Tones 1-10 tend to easily vibrate in 3D from magnetic unity to planetary manifestation. There is nothing wrong with 3D manifestation. We come into this matrix to learn. But it is an illusion, like a movie set. Maya means illusion. The problem is when you latch on and believe it’s real and is all there is. Love is all there is. Not earth.

Tone 11 is dissonant. Spectral tone 11 is where the manifestation dissolves and falls apart or blows apart. A specter is a ghost. It’s the etheric body.

We are in 11:11 right now and everything around us is changing and dissolving. I’m personally enjoying it. My body is dissolving and I’m coming into my light body. I came to the planet in 1963 to help blow the BS apart to come into TRUTH in the Truth clan. We are not popular because we live in a world of DEEP LIES. We say things that people can’t emotionally handle but I say it with love to my followers. It’s a very big deal and I think we all know it now.

It’s OK. We’re going to be all right. We have help but we do need to run a high sound frequency from our hearts.đź’•

So there is TONE 12, CRYSTAL, communal in the core of the earth. Each other and our neighborhood need to start to make high frequency action to change the vibe. Higher music, meditation and physical activity. Better food.

And then we’re raised to COSMIC tone 13. See where we are? 12:60, 3D, 4 directions, dualism, false time for a reason. Tone 13 is 13:20, the power of 5, 5×4=20. The 5gforce that I post daily takes us from 3D muggle astrology and 4D Dreamspell mantra in the daily oracle UP to the 5gforce.

Meditate on that mantra to understand the uplevel from 3D to 4D to 5D.

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