Dreamspell: Door to the Infinite

The most essential key in embodying the energies of the New Era and radiating the vibrations of the Sixth Sun is learning how to live from our Hearts. This is one of the biggest areas we have to grow in our human development –

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You can still find the 3D kits online as well. Just Google Dreamspell kit.

Our hearts speak the voice of self-love, and care for the good of the whole. Our hearts instinctually know how to nurture our bodies, how to root to the present moment, how to follow inspiration, how to be fluid, calm and non-linear, how to live in harmony with our relations and our responsibilities, and how to enjoy and beautify existence.

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This what I’m doing here…

Red Skywalker Tribe

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:


The gift of your cosmic identity is to be a celestial conduit ~ a traveler in consciousness ~ a luminous path-cutter ~ a prophetic messenger. As a Red Skywalker you have the capacity to be a pillar that unites the heavens and the earth; to extend deep roots and activate broad antennas; to soar in the vastness of imagination while being grounded on the material plane; to discover trust in the unseen and the unknown; to voyage beyond growth edges; to hold the space of universal compassion; to be an emissary of angelic presence; to be an awakening agent of the “divine descent” – helping anchor the frequency of the new paradigm on Earth; to courageously transcend the status quo, trail-blazing into new frontiers of perception and realization; to be an explorer of space both inner & outer.

“May The Force Be With You!

Direction: East: Initiates ~ Chakra: Solar-Plexus ~ Planet: Mars

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