Albert Einstein, His Letter Hipping the President to the Axis Powers Possible Intention to Build the Atomic Bomb

I posted this about a year ago because I put it in my book, “The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method”. This is extremely cool and something to ponder and discuss with current students if you are a teacher of History.

No, the axis powers were not doing that. This story seems unfinished to me.

Albert Einstein was very synchronistically Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun, kin260. His analog was Blue 13 Storm, as high on the dharmic prophetic side as he could be. The allies then jumped ahead and built the bomb themselves. The competition for uranium seemed to be on. The allies were the US, UK, and the Soviet Union. The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

His Antipode was kin 130 in HF33 which keeps coming up in my daily posts. White 13 Cosmic Dog was his challenge and his gift. It is The Trinity and again, synchronistically, Trinity was the cod name for The Manhattan Project. How unreal.

His Hidden Wisdom was Red 1 Magnetic Dragon. Just ponder the role he played in trying to bring balance during WWII where balance was nye on impossible. Millions of people died of course on both sides. The last paragraph of this letter seems to be prescient with regard to Operation Paperclip. And now here we are on the verge of Disclosure.

The date on this letter is Red 6 Rhythmic Dragon, an attempt to even the score or find a balance of power. It birthed the Atomic Age. I just watched a documentary on The Manhattan Project and there is no evidence that Germany was pursuing building an atomic bomb. So who was Einstein working for? It seems he was making up the threat. Wow. Maybe he was seeding Operation Paperclip. Lovely.

Einsteins Letter To President Roosevelt, page 1
Letter Page 2
James VanAllen, the namesake for the VanAllen Belts around the Earth that we call the Psi Bank, the Earth’s Mind.

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