Watch “American Lions: JFK & Trump’s War with the Deep State over UFO Secrecy” on YouTube

Original posting of this was November 2020, one year after Covid first hit, but no one knew what it was.

This is a must watch video by Dr. Michael Salla on the 57th anniversary of JFK assassination. 9 minutes. Share with your friends via email, mainly for the history and suggestion it contains, not because you agree with it at this point. Trump is no savior. He has said and shown that he loves money. The ICC loves money too. So do the Dems. Is he working with the ICC? And Trump supported the Covid Vax!!! Very bad.

Just for the record, I’m not convinced about the agenda behind linking JFK, his son John Jr. and Trump. Supposedly John John is Q. I have no problem believing he’s alive. People’s deaths are faked for all kinds of reasons. And Dr. Salla is supporting whatever the agenda is. Are these folks really opposed to A.I.?

I question everyone these days. Use your critical thinking. Everyone has an agenda. My agenda his health and body empowerment for the entire human race and the absolute eradication of A.I. -Lisa T. 12/29/22

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