The Timelines are Swinging Wildly, as are the Genders

I can feel it.

Be careful about a few things;

  • The conservatives are crying “victim” because we expose the truth and get taken down or shut up about the corruption of the Left government. WE’RE NOT VICTIMS.
  • All parties have a brain which has the ability to remotely view situations, to use intuition and telepathy. It’s an established fact. End of story. Resist it all you want. Human intuition dwarfs every other kind of knowing. I’m right.
  • Politics is dead. It doesn’t work.
  • Sickcare us dead. It doesn’t work.
  • Always take care of your body first. Do your best to focus on making your body be and feel the way you want it to feel, bar none.
  • Turn off negativity
  • Most men have a problem with their animalistic nature, women don’t. So consider the source when a man counsels you to let it rip. Testosterone. Not.

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