Temporal Anomalies, Distortions, and Mandela Effect are Synchronicity Events

Temporal means TIME. Time PERCEPTIONS, literal events and deja vus will increase as humans take more notice of their bodies and how they can change them with their mindset. Your body is yours. Don’t hand it over to anyone to hex it so they can keep their job and profit from your demise. They need people to be sick or they wouldn’t get a paycheck. That’s some motivation for being of service to others! Not.

When you change your mind you change your body and thus change how you move AS TIME. We’re not IN time We’re in space AS TIME. Our consciousness as a collective changes spacetime.

Remember that the definition of synchronicity is the merging of the AC and CA strand of our DNA. Past and future cross and there is a deja vu or something else strange to you that occurs. I note a significant one I had in my book “Healer” after my mother in law died. I felt like I was in a movie when it happened.

The thing is, this is common and these kind of temporal events have been happening to humans forever, but hopefully more will occur as we unify and they will be GOOD THINGS.

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