The Purpose of the AC Past Strand and CA Future Strand is to Remember…

your past and your future and let it go. That is the only reason for coming into the body.

All DNA creatures are curious. Curiosity is essential for any being to evolve forward. How might we change or co-create a scenario to make it more to our liking as a collective? That’s the purpose of the illusion of Time in space-time. Eternity or timelessness is the ultimate reality.

So we become time space traveler’s with our intention, hop on the spiraling braid, sleep in our mothers womb and hop onto the planet, partially unconscious to our spirit higher self and fall into forgetting when we’re born. Some spiritual people say you become dead to your higher self when you’re born and alive again when you leave the body.

Why the partial forgetting? So we can pick up new experiences without an initial distraction of past and future. But some do remember most of their past lives.

Children are in the present, the now. That’s all they feel. They’re right in their spine like rubber and don’t harden up to an incorrect linear time line until it’s beaten out of them psychologically so they fit in with non-magical, unmusical folk who are cynical, unhappy, and 3D clenching. Such is earth. 🌎

The axis of the eternal present is the truth in the spine of the body, the CNS, brain and spinal cord. I would like you to review pages 114-118 of Time is DNA. I hope all of my followers have it on hand.

The cost of printing the book is 75% of $20.13 because of the color in it, so if you surmise I’m selling thousands and making money hand over fist you’d be very far from correct, even though it would be great if I did. Abundance is good. I deserve to sell more books and I will if I ever get a publisher, but for now, I live day to day on the money I make in my office and very little from my books. It’s my own doing. I’m waiting for the timing to be right and to have at least 2 allies in the science community.

You need to have this book on hand for yourself, to understand this blog.

Published in 2021

“Synchronicity in the body, in the DNA, on the Earth and in the Interplanetary Holon occurs when there is a congruence of AC/CA. The 52-day cycles seem to organize the alpha and omega points in the Tzolkin and the alpha and omega points, in turn, dictate a positive or negative charge. This is the foundation of the BINARY TRIPLET CONFIGURATION. The binary pulse is vertical and the triplet pulse is divided horizontally into the N. Polar Zone, the Zone of Transformation, and the S. Polar Zone in all three Holons; Body, Earth, and Interplanetary. All three are coordinated by the time coordinate 13:20 which balances the genders on earth; female/male which all humans embody and all species including our stellar ancestors.”-Time is DNA

I figured this out myself by studying all the material. My books are available on Amazon. Just type Lisa K. Townsend into the search box. Be sure to use my middle initial. Thanks.

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