N.Node on Taurus ♉️ 12

Wow, this is a big one to stop and listen and then ponder what he’s saying. I agree with all of it but it’s very controversial in our world.

I would even suggest taking notes on this one. Pause it and then journal regarding your own issues.

I’ve always said people have the right to be in shadow if it is authentic for them, if that’s what they truly desire. And I have the right to be a lightworker!

As he says, it’s not wrong to be in shadow but you are creating karma for yourself so know that there are consequences. What he doesn’t say is that living in light is more natural than shadow. Children are born free and happy, having fun. That’s proof. There are only a minority of children who are born very adverse. For some reason he doesn’t mention it.

Where are we in the Tzolkin here? 12th degree. Tone 12 is pulse 12~2 so it is Crystal Polarization creating the hidden wisdom adding to 14. That’s the 4D up level.

He talks about Tone 12 and Tone 2 ISSUES; community, cooperation, diplomacy as an option to violent war OR, go ahead and have the war if that’s how you really feel! Mars, the Red tribes are leaders. We get assertive and are fine with it. Even my Red Earth kid is a leader. But he’s as kind as a peach to his friends even though he will call them out and fight. Tone 2~12, duality.

The Urantia Book talks about how much wars have helped humanity learn and expand because people would travel, go to new places, leave home, spread their seed. We’re on the planet to grow and expand and sometimes, many times it isn’t neat and tidy. I’ll say. That has been my life. When you do good and have an open heart you tend to be a target. I know how to dish it back though now that I’m 60 and won’tbe crucified by the nefarious. I’m no codependent doormat to shadow nor do I judge it. Just stay away from me and just try to get in my way. That’s Warrior Skywalker. We fight for evolution forward with love, truth and good works!

Venus rules Taurus, which is an earth sign. But when it comes to earth, there is little harmony, and beauty is hard work so Taurus kin know brass tacks about beauty. Especially the 10~4 pulse.

People who are beautiful inside and out work very hard at it so if you want to be jealous of their success, also be jealous of all of the physical pain, trial, practice, and bloody feet they have as well.

Pet peeve of mine; lazy people who are jealous and create roadblocks for others or throw toxic energy at them because they are willing to work far harder than them. You have to eat that s… for breakfast. Life on this planet is a rumble or you’re sitting on the sidelines.

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