There are Two New Categories that have Popped up for Searching

The Covid 19 category is super informative, scientific, Dr. Chavez focused, an interesting timeline review, and extremely depressing for me to look at. I had to stop.

I’m convinced this has been about injecting humans with nanotech, not a virus. Although according to Corey, the purpose of virsuses is to mutate our RNA. In the Urantia Book they say they regret that evolutionary decision.

Simply, there is a lot of money to be made by the c@#$% by working with the ICC to cram A.I. down our throats. They will signally fail.

And the guys who did the interview today on Collective Evolution need to be told that scamdemic has been hatched by the c$%^& since 2009.

The second category is Michael Salla. I’m pretty sure he is on the right side of things, partially.

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