Meditation to Balance Your Polarity

These meditations are subtle folks. Like hearing a pine cone drop to the ground or brushing past a pine tree and smelling the fragrance. Subtle events are the most powerful because we live in NOISY and clenching materialistic ELM energy manifestation that believes the five senses show us reality. No. 3D Life is a holographic illusion.

Humans need to stop…and be quiet sometimes. Listen to the wind, hear your heart beat, smell the air. That is powerful to advance your soul lessons or dharma.

Electrons are negatively charged and are the breath that aerate the blood or QI. We run them in the body so we are visible and can walk and move. It’s our grounding like a prong in an electrical socket. Our breath keeps us alive.

The colors red, orange and yellow deliver electrons to the chakras. If you have too many in chakras 1, 2, and 3 you need purple, blue and green to balance them. That was given to me today so I did it. They are protons or positively charged. White is neutral or the neutrons in chakra 7 the crown.

Your outbreath is manifestation, you can feel a strong pulse in your neck, full of electron grounding. Your inbreath is mysterious to me. We know it is the galactic inbreath on the right side of the body, receptive female, but what is the Source of oxygen? Trees. The druids thought so too and honored them. We’d have no oxygen to breathe without trees. They are our family. I feel attached to trees.

Your heart stops, sort of, on your inbreath. Feel your pulse in your neck with two fingers when you breathe in. Make peace with it and understand its meaning. We are manifested and unmanifested at the same time VIA THE DIMENSIONS, hence this blog. The outbreath is considered male on the left side of the body. It is highly charged with earth concerns.

Now, as you feel your heart stop/slow on the inbreath, notice a motivation for breathing again. WHY DO YOU TAKE YOUR NEXT BREATH? I know it’s habit but notice how you feel and that you can control both ends.

I breathe because I am in love with my earth life, my body, the earth, the adventure in the changes. And I love how my heart feels, full of love and intuition. Where does it come from? What is really possible in the body?

Everyone is different. Have a great festive weekend.

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