Jaw Drop…Must Read. Infringement of Civil Rights and Unconstitutional

Now I have to think about what I would say if they tried to pull me over and start wasting my time asking me ILLEGAL questions.

  • 1-How to hold my temper and plead the Fifth. Not tell him anything.
  • 2-I need to have a lawyers phone number ready to sue the pants off of the airport and HSA or both.
  • 3-have the phone numbers ready to call local media and make a huge stink about it so Americans know this could happen to them at the airport.

My info. is easily found on the internet as well and I don’t hide much as my readers know. I have a clean record. It’s not illegal to be a mouthy, smart woman…or is it? Tough. BUT, if they dared to waste my time harassing me in public that is another issue, especially in the name of a Federal Government Agency.

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