Elon Musk, The Great Reset & Discernment – Arjun Walia | CE Podcast


Everything changes in 2025. These guys don’t listen to or believe Corey Goode.

When it comes to A.I. and Musk he is not the only player. We need facts, don’t be so naive as to believe MSM reports. The events are true but as they say, they are manipulating the dominant narrative. Look elsewhere.

You must accept the fact that MONEY AND TECH power are ALWAYS the billionaire motivation in using government monies, OUR money. It’s evil. Come on! These guys don’t accept that it doesn’t matter what people’s OPINIONS are. There is fact and fiction! Use your intuition AND critical thinking. They say you can’t see people’s intentions. Well THEY can’t or won’t. I can see people’s intention using my INTUITION. Everyone can. I’m only 10 minutes in to listening to it and I think they’re foolish sitting on the fence.

It’s not about hate. When you run hate it hurts you not the other person. But there is right and wrong in the world. Many of the “progressive” news outlets like The Pulse refuse to take a stand on good and evil or spirituality. I guess it’s not cool or hip to be respectful of ancient magic, light workers and intuition? It’s not “a guy” thing? Bring the powerful women in. Oh yeah…not allowed. Maybe in 2025 the Andromedan will finally be heard.

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