The U.S. is Testing A.I. Tech in Ukraine and Probably, Both Zelensky and Putin Will Benefit…AND GOOGLE!

Did you see Zelensky’s depressing address to Congress yoday?

They are analogs after all; Blue 12 Hand and Yellow 7 Human; Zelensky and Putin

Biden is the puppet master; White 2 Electric World Bridger with plenty of nanotech, our money, Maldek, and Reptilian karma. He has an ambitious transhumanist A.I. agenda from the White House, make no mistake. And he is using our tax dollars to fund it internationally in a fake war. The American people wouldn’t understand any of this.

As Ukraine turned a corner 10 days ago with a military offensive that retook territory from Russia, former Google CEO billionaire Eric Schmidt was meeting with senior Ukrainian officials. He was on a 36-hour visit to the country exploring technology’s role in the war.
Schmidt traveled to Ukraine not just as a former tech CEO, but as a billionaire investor in military technology startups who has served on influential federal boards advising the US government on adapting more artificial intelligence. He has prominently advocated for the US Department of Defense to integrate new tech, and his trip was a reminder of how integral advanced technologies and novel uses of existing technologies have been to Ukraine’s approach in this war.
A senior Ukrainian minister had appealed to Elon Musk via Twitter early on, to route Starlink satellites that provide high-speed internet over the country to keep the country connected even if infrastructure on the ground was destroyed. “Elon Musk is genuinely a hero here,” Schmidt said.

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Who is Eric Schmidt? Ex GOOGLE CEO and A.I. Prophet on the Dem side of Transhumanism, and billionaire. See for yourself. Read this. He’s probably on the ICC or wants to be; International Corporate Conglomerate (in our local universe). Yeah, he’s in the A.I. prophet club with Musk as you see above.

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