Watch “Les Chansons Des Roses: II. Contre Qui, Rose” on YouTube

More Solstice and Christmas meditative, prayerful, exquisitely beautiful music to honor this spiritual time of year when the Sun returns to warm us again. It always will. Listen to his Lux Aeterna, Eternal Light. Source is ONE with our sun.

These cycle one after the other on the playlist on YouTube. Search on Mid Winter Songs by Morten Lauridsen.

Go somewhere quiet, put on earphones or earbuds, put your face in your hands, eyes closed, and be ready to release through the outbreath things you didn’t know were there.

I believe this is such an exquisite expression of human art and feeling that species all over the local system would hear it and be changed. That’s the power of music in the human heart. ❤️

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