It’s Not Father Time, It’s Mother Time if You Follow the DNA and Not the Social Narrative for 5200 Years

I started writing this yesterday and thinking about how wrong the designation is for Mother Nature and Father Time. They always use the phrase Mother Nature when something possibly devastating and violent as far as weather is going to hit like this bomb cyclone coming here. The males are natural and violent. Women aren’t.

Father Time’s image comes from the ancient Roman god of time, Saturn. The ancient Greeks often referred to Saturn as Kronos or Chronos, which means “time.” Saturn was usually portrayed as an old man with a scythe since his functions related to farming, and his yearly festival was a harvest celebration.

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Father Time is a personification of time. In recent centuries he is usually depicted as an elderly bearded man, sometimes with wings, dressed in a robe and carrying a scythe and an hourglass or other timekeeping device.

As an image, “Father Time’s origins are curious.” The ancient Greeks themselves began to associate chronos, their word for time, with the agricultural god Cronos, who had the attribute of a harvester’s sickle. The Romans equated Cronos with Saturn, who also had a sickle, and was treated as an old man, often with a crutch. The wings and hourglass were early Renaissance additions and he eventually became a companion of the Grim Reaper, personification of Death, often taking his scythe. He may have as an attribute a snake with its tail in its mouth, an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternity.

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This is curious right? Father Time is a PERSONIFICATION. A person is made of DNA. The person representing Time is DNA so they are hinting at it here but it’s male. Then he gets old. Then he’s in charge of death. Then he is the grim reaper and harvests death.

We have here a deep PSYOP archetype that programs humanity to believe in linear aging and death at the hands of an old broken guy with wings. Why?

It’s fine for Father Time to be seen as a manifested person but then he fulfills an archetype of White World Bridger; Death also. This is a psyop on humanity if I ever saw one. They are out of black magic in their psychopathic trick bag.

I think it should be Father Nature and Mother Time. Guys are far more in touch with the natural world than women are. Women like sex and babies, bringing them into TIME to play on earth and they keep we women company, the best company while the men are off playing in nature, or making war, blowing stuff up, tearing down forests or building nuclear warheads and trying to use them. You don’t see women doing that.

If you think about, why else would the geneticists do their damndest to use CRISPR to slice and dice the genes, pull them apart and make the natural RNA sequence unrecognizable and then create an entire genre of so-called “genetic science” destroying the fact that the MOTHER programs our DNA in the womb. The father has an impact, but her mind and blood, her QI creates us. The male serves life, it does not make life says the Tzolkin. Yet, when a family is created, the child needs both male and female as CO-EQUALS in the home to have a balanced psyche. One could certainly get a more culturally accurate perspective on this by talking to the folks in the Mexican and South American cultures.

There were ten images of father time and about 30 references to books and art talking about Father Time so I’m not going to even put them on here. All you have to do is Google the image of Father Time to see how it has programmed humans due to the Reptilian dominance on this planet. It’s completely, rationally incorrect and has created out of balance Patriarchy on Earth.

Mother Nature is a 3D objectification. Father Time is a 4D abstraction that allows men to control time and dictate according to inaccurate 12:60 timing frequency. Then they take the accurate timing frequency, 13:20 and demonize it, with nature, and say that anything pagan is dark witchcraft and comes from females.

Mother Time who weaves LIFE automatically in the DNA Loom of Maya Illusion that is Time. It’s what we do. Accept it guys. You’re supposed to help with Life, not destroy it.

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