We Have an Antipodal Anomaly/Enigma Today. Very Odd.

I mentioned this in today’s reading but I just checked every Tone 7 Resonant gateway in the Tzolkin. There are 20 of them and I had to go through all 260 gateways to check it.

The only two that have the antipode negative challenge as their 5GForce are today, Blue 7 Resonant Eagle Arginine, Kin 215 mediated by Jupiter. and Red 7 Resonant Serpent Serine, Kin 85 mediated by the asteroid belt karma.

Wow. There is 7Warrior mediated by Saturn as the Hidden Wisdom
And the trip over to Earth after the Maldek escape is right there with the World Bridgers. The beauty of this IS the Blue Hand People guiding us who were ancient Healers from all over our sector who settled on Earth with the Maldekians TO HELP after the catastrophe. That is a gorgeous guide power.

As we know, we have the story of the Eagle and the Serpent, Enlil and Enki as the Annunaki telling how it played out on Earth. Just type it into the search box on my home page; Annunaki, Enlil and Enki, Blue 7 Eagle, Red 7 Serpent etc. Michael Salla posted on this too so type his name in. If you want to understand gender disparity on earth and why people hate intelligent women, read my posts. It’s Maldekian karma.

I’ve never seen this before on the antipode. It’s extremely telling of the challenge narrative programmed into earth’s Psi Bank to be worked out through duality. This is also pulsing directly on my own family karma in a ginormous way; Maldek again, my Grandmother being Red 11 Spectral Serpent as well as 4 other people I knew!

But Tiamat/Maldek karma pulses on all of us. It’s the story of trouble on Earth starting with Atlantis which was near the Bermuda Triangle, 4D Time Portal for Yellow Warrior mediated by Saturn. So the story of the so-called Time-Thieves from Jupiter and Saturn is directly tied to our CHOICES on Maldek. We’re not totally victims here so I part with Jose on that. That said, we know much more about the Reptilians now than he did when he was alive because of Corey’s testimony. Corey’s birth gateway is also one of two resonant pulse gateways whose THEME is also the 5GForce and Occult Partner, White 7 Dog theme has itself as the 5GForce. The first is very negative, the latter is very positive, both resonant.

The other piece for Kin 85, Red 7 Serpent is that the I Ching 3D Hx 54 means “The Marrying Maiden/SUBORDINATE.” This is the 3D institution of Patriarchy and making the female subordinate through marriage. This can be seen as spousal abuse/dysfunction in the home which is generally unknown in the local universe. It’s unique to Earth. We have the Reptilians to thank for that. Then Jupiter and Saturn influence reinforced it.

The fact that The Tzolkin shows how our DNA comes through our mothers and is programmed by her is paramount to our evolution. Dr. Chavez was adamant on this too as he saw it in the DNA lines in the lab.

By trying to squash that and institute a transhumanist A.I. planet, they would succeed in killing the female which kills humanity and the soul. It’s Luciferian. Female and male are co-equal in the universe but the soul of the child comes through the mother and is woven on the loom of her body, say the Maya and every other ancient culture.

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