I had 115 Views on December 10, 9 days ago

Shut smart women up who have something empowering to say at all costs. Have at it. KARMA.

I always continue to post and WP algorithms tanked me to 9 views per day. Writers get prompts to post on here all the time and I do because I have something to say. But if you say something WP doesn’t want you to say they change the algorithms. They can deny it all they want. As soon as I get a fistful of hits, really great, they plummet!!!! F……g A.

There is no way that is natural. Check out the post I re-posted an hour ago that I posted on December 11th after I had 115 views.

They don’t like this. They don’t like the truth and the government is telling them what to do. End of story.

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