Thursday Reading-Nothing is Really Serious Today But Seems Like it is

DNA Evolution-Key to Personal Synchronicity

Today; Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury are pulsing in 4D time on a 3~11 pulse to help you let go of something or someone.

Blue 3 Monkey, Yellow 3 Star, Blue 3 Eagle, Red 3 Dragon, White 11 Dog Red
Electric 3D magical Illusion, Toned muscles, an attractive vision, challenged by a distracting family situation, and bonding that is dissolving behind the curtain.

5gforce to balance our ego; Red 11 Spectral Moon, Kin 89.

“I dissolve in order to purify. Releasing flow I seal the process of universal water with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

This is perfect for Red Moon wavespell. There is something emotional to which we need to say, “Oh well, I gave it a shot.” and let it go until the next lifetime.

Earth Frequencies

Amplitude is 6 and it is very flatlined. Below normal at 7:15am EST U.S.

As far as the earth, military and tech are not allowed by the GGLN to use any weapon that will disrupt the cosmic web. But their other activities out in our system are bad enough for the Earth’s ELM and OUR body ELM energy as well as the rest of evolving DNA. Money and control are their priority, not LIFE. Their daily vibe is one of aborting life and thus the objectification of women and men sexually. No love. It’s Maldekian karma.

The 4D time portal is 30 degrees N–150 degrees W in the N. Pacific between Baja, CA and Hawaii.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
Agitated muggles today
  • With a Mercury-Node trine this morning, we might connect with information or people that/who encourage us to grow, improve, or move forward. – Blue 3 Eagle guide power
  • Mercury and Mars form a quincunx later today, however, and we can experience aggravation if we’re not understood or if we can’t seem to get where we want to go fast enough. What we do and what we think or communicate can be at odds. Listening isn’t our strong suit now–we’re inclined to interrupt and make assumptions. There could be better conditions for making important decisions, and we should watch for impatience. – Red 3 Dragon and White 11 Dog antipode and hidden wisdom.


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