Tuesday Frequencies-Mercury Mediates Red Moon Tribe

He enter HF53; Self-Existing Process to formulate the free will of FORM over 4 days until we reach Yellow 4 Human. This is Red Moon Wavespell 17, the Power of Universal Water. We enter the Green Central Castle (52 days) of Enchantment; the Court of the Matrix; Time to synchronize the humans for the MOON GENESIS.

This is I Ching Hx 21, DNA nucleotide CGG Arginine Blue Eagle, right under the Omega point IChing Hx 12 in the last harmonic. It’s called “Biting Through Reform”. It’s 225-270 degrees East right below the Equator-30 degrees. It’s 45-90 degrees west covering a vast area as the earth curves and Equator-30 degrees covering a vast area. It looks like it’s pulsing on the Red Skywalker 4D Time Portal.

Things open up and flow now and our moon is in Leo so it becomes festive.

Mercury, 3x, Pluto, and Earth
Red 1 Moon Wavespell, the power of universal water💧. We’re acknowledging our feelings until Christmas, Red 13 Cosmic Dragon. That will be a big vibe this year.

The 5GForce is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey. Cosmic MAGIC and ILLUSION is afoot to get our feelings moving. It is Christmas after all, a time of magic and love, if you feel like it.

Body Frequencies

This is our new 13-day cycle which is also the solar outbreath on the dharmic side of our bodies, the left.

Red Moon is the Start codon of an evolving tRNA sequence for 11 kin starting on the right foot, and then Yellow Sun is the Stop Codon at the top of the right side of the head. These are time, 4D and 5D frequencies

Appropriately, Winter Solstice lands on Red 9 Solar Earth and teaches us how to navigate our synchronicity WITH the Sun and our bodies in 3D as our ally, not a dreaded enemy.

But before that we reach the fascinating Blue Storm Tryptophan /Proline at the left top of the head that puts the brakes on our evolution, before it sends the new frequency to the right and uploads it via Yellow Sun on Christmas Eve.

The right side of the body is the galactic karmic inbreath coming into the body through our mother, into pain and duality lessons. Somebody has to do it to keep life moving and our mothers do, and take the rap for it I might add. Women always get blamed when something goes wrong. We allow karma to be born and the men have fun stimulating the process and bellyache after their karma comes in as their children. Mothers adore their children though no matter what. That is our reward.What goes around comes around in perfect synchronicity in our families. 🥰


Amplitude is 15, 2x normal

The Red Moon 4D Time Portal for Red Moon is 60 degrees South–105 degrees west at 10 degrees N of the Antarctic Circle in the South Pacific, far off the coast of Chile.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. We might seek channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential. We’re generally confident and prepared to take on whatever comes our way.
  • The Leo Moon’s opposition to Saturn early today points to feeling blocked, however. Rules and limitations come into play, and adjusting our plans may be in order.
  • Still, with today’s Sun-Uranus biquintile, we embrace our uniqueness. We more readily find channels for expressing our need for change and progress in creative and unique ways today.
  • The void Moon occurs from 10:53 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to the Sun), until the Moon enters Virgo tomorrow, Wednesday, December 14th, at 3:46 AM EST.

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