Parsing Your Own Karma-Dharma Status Based on the Interplanetary Holon

Published March 13, 2022

Hit the “Dreamspell Calculator” button to find out your tribe and tone on the link below. There is no fudging on your birth gateway. That is your destiny line-up. You have a choice over the details regarding how it proceeds but not on the actual placement. Your gateway pulses to your astrology chart which is a 3D manifestation of your body through your birth family. The Mayan Oracle is upper-density 4D and 5D timelessness.

Looking at this image, karma is on the left (the right side of your body)and dharma on the right (the left side of your body).

It’s s good idea to make the most of your Body-Time on the planet by addressing your karma-dharma issues. Otherwise, you will endlessly be on the karmic wheel or hamster wheel as I see it. What a drag. Especially given how vast the universe is,  you could be checking out other digs.

There are many people for which life is like a hamster wheel. It might be you in which case, study your analog support. It can raise you up whether it’s an event or person. Look for and listen to your dharma teacher. Teachers will be in faithful service to your students. It’s paying it forward in gratitude.

Everyone is at a different point in their evolution and you are under no obligation to co-dependently try to help them if they are resisting. However, if you see that person often and a teachable moment comes up, it’s a good idea to say something as long as you believe they can hear it. Use your intuition for the teachable moment. The Tao Te Ching says, “What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s work?” That’s karma and dharma in a nutshell.

We are each born to the planet as either a teacher of those who are asleep, or asleep ourselves and in need of a teacher. You know which one you are. The Tao uses the words good and bad but I’m not sure that’s in line with the heart of the universe. Good and bad are moralistic judgments whereas right and wrong are according to universal law. Morality is just cultural mores in my opinion and doesn’t follow universal law. Religion is a perfect example. It’s moralistic, but it is not teaching universal truth. That’s the problem with religion. Religion teaches that a book and God are the sources of morals when actually it’s humans teaching their way, not God’s way.

Imagine your body right down the center of this. Your head is right on Pluto looking at you off the page, and indeed, it pulses to the top of the head and both eyes.

Karma and Dharma between your Theme and Analog

Generally speaking, if you were born on the karmic side, starting with the sun tribe which is the left side looking at it but the right side of the body, you are here to learn, face your lessons, and use your analog energy to transform and be a good example to others. If you do teach, it’s by example when you’ve decided to face the situation or if you stay in shadow or go deeper into shadow you teach what NOT to do. That is just as valid.

If you were born on the dharmic prophetic side starting with White Dog at the bottom, you’ve already gone through many lifetimes and figured it out and made good choices. Don’t doubt yourself. “Been there done that.” You’re in dharma and here to teach what you’ve been through already. Kin on the dharmic side will tend to believe they’re not done with their karma yet when in fact they are so they are here to remember what they already achieved, let go of guilt and B.S and lead. They’re not done sharing what they’ve learned. The hindrance is karmic kins’ egos resisting being taught which is why they are still in the karma cycle. We all have universal support. We just have to call on it.

There is an issue on earth with respecting teachers bc people are little egos. It’s the root of addiction which is karma. We tend to kill the messenger, like a crucifixion. Your teachers are not better than you, they’re just in a different place in their evolution. Teachers can relate to those still steeped in their karma because we made those choices too and came out the other side! Don’t hate your teachers or be jealous! They’re here to remember and let go of their finished karma. They passed. No guilt. We are focused on the axis of the eternal present and if we keep punishing ourselves over karma we’re done with, we can’t focus on teaching very well.

The goal is for both sides of the holon to sit in the axis of the eternal present, the brain, and spine, and transcend both being a student and a teacher. I know that T9-12 in the spine refers to HF33 so keeping the muscles completely loose there may be helpful. Those nerve roots innervate the adrenal glands on top of the kidney and have much to do with the deterioration of the body Qi and stress. Also, L2 refers to White 4 Self-Existing Wizard which is self-existing timelessness. I believe that attribute resides in the body. Physical death isn’t necessary.

Let’s start at the top of the holon. This moves from karmic kin to your exact dharmic kin, left to right across from each other, although any dharmic kin can teach karmic kin. Just look at the top image to understand which kin needs to be close to you.

  • If you were born a karmic Yellow Sun kin you are here to learn to become enlightened. You are not yet enlightened even if you think you are. Your analog, Blue Storm is enlightened and is going to give you the gift and support of seeing and feeling your ability to Self-Generate in this lifetime. You will be presented over and over with events and people that will force you to take care of yourself and feel your power to step up and do good and LOVE. You may go through hell in mind, body and spirit while you get enlightened or the suffering will come and teach it another way.
  • If you were born a dharmic Blue Storm kin you are here to teach self-generation because you’ve already gone through the fire and the suffering that it takes to become enlightened. I know quite a few Blue Storm people and are they ever hopeful hippies with loving hearts. I love working with them as lightworkers. They use their karmic memory of the trauma of enlightenment (Yellow Sun) to relate to others in a compassionate way.
  • If you were born a karmic Red Dragon kin you are here to learn family bonding, loyalty and what being a mother or a parent is all about, good and bad. White Mirror kin are going to support and teach you to meditate more and to become more reflective and spiritual. After all, your spiritual family is not of blood and birth but of the spirit. You will meet or be presented with opportunities to deepen your spiritual life.
  • If you were born a dharmic White Mirror kin you are here to teach reflection and resonance of the 4th dimension and higher density frequencies with Earth ancestry, QI, primordial history, possibly eastern mysticism or Chinese and Hindu ways to those that are imprisoned by their idea of birth ancestry in the Red Dragon tribe. Your memory of your own trauma and clenching of family power and ancestry will help you relate to those that need your teaching.
  • If you were born a karmic White Wind kin, you are here to learn the art of communication inspired by Spirit and Synchronicity. The shadow of this kin is political rhetoric and lying. We see a lot of this in the world right now. You will be presented many times with exceptional sight or observation of synchronicity (anaolog Red Earth) to help you navigate spiritual communcation that is in the light, helpful, and not shadow. If you stoop to senseless ego motivation of greed, earthly power, unloving sex, manipulation etc, the syncronicity that comes will be karmic and swift since it’s locked in to the GPS of the Matrix. This hindrance is a bit dangerous right now because of technology.
  • If you were born a dharmic Red Earth kin, you are here to teach spiritual attunement to the holgraphic field,the Earth Cycles, the Body, Intuition and general cooperation with Life around us, especially to White Wind kin. A Red Earth kin is a sponge for the frequencies and energies running around the planet, the weather cycles, having weather-head, being very psychic with the earth which is shamanic stuff. You will be reminded by your karmic analog that chaotic communication is very damaging. The Tiamat accident (The asteroid belt) is a perfect example. You are teaching balance with digital tech vs. using THE BODY for telepathy and healing which is totally possible, safe, and higher quality.
  • If you were born a karmic Blue Night kin, you are here to learn to receive and create abundance in all it’s forms and dimensions. Your analog, Yellow Warrior attributes and kin will present themselves to you over and over while you incorporate their intelligent lessons into your life. Opportunities to increase your intelligence, questioning, courage and trustworthiness to increase your status will come forward. You can teach through shadow or struggle regarding what not to do; intellectural laziness, fearfullness and lawbreaking would be the case.
  • If you were born a dharmic Yellow Warrior Kin you are here to teach how to express yourself intelligently, to be socially fearless yet considerate of differences, good to your word, psychic, spiritual, high standards and pragmantic. You’ve already been through poverty and victimhood or were born into a family like that to help you to remember what you already finished. You don’t have to be like them! Be sure to let them go and stand in your individual power so you can teach.
  • If you were born a karmic Yellow Seed Kin you are here to learn to focus your awareness and expand your soul through compressed DNA (the body) in this lifetime. DNA is spiritual, not just family blood but you may have been born into a family hindered by that. You will meet Blue Eagle kin or be presented with the attributes of vision, using your mind to create, being more independent, a receiver, listening, scientific, over and over so you can incorporate them into your life. Losing any bias toward others whatsoever, dropping ancestral bias or resentment of family history and class, becoming more independent and rational is your destiny.
  • If you were born a dharmic Blue Eagle Kin you are here to teach open-mindedness, vision, mental focus on restoring harmony, DNA expansion and flying above the fray. You may have been born into “an old guard” or “old money” family that had many biases and indolence to remind you of what you already finished. Let them go and stand in your individual achievement so you can teach others to LISTEN and problem solve by gaining a different perspective rather than asserting their ego.
  • If you were born a karmic Red Serpent kin you are here to learn a more spiritual approach to sex and physical passion or just the body fire. You may have been born into a sexually inappropriate family where the boundaries were absent or karma with the females in the family being too domineering or matriarchal in reaction to overly patriarchal males. This kicks in the dysfunctional cycle where the women are controlling of the weak men. You will be presented over and over with White Wizard kin or their attributes of timelessness, receptivity, magician, heart-centered and psychic while you incorporate those lessons into your life. Family members and friends will be White Wizard kin.
  • If you were born a dharmic White Wizard kin you are here to teach spirituality beyond religion, more body and earth centered and a balance between female and male. You are a heart-knowing shaman and have already come through the karma of wrong use of the body and sex so you may have experienced some of that in your childhood to jog your memory of what you already know and can teach. Let it go and focus on teaching the positive aspects of passion and the body. White Wizard understands eros.
  • If you were born a karmic White Worldbridger kin you are here to learn to accept change and death in the Matrix as part of the deal here. It gives everyone equal opportunity to have it set up that way so no one vibration dominates the planet. It helps evolution. You will need to internalize the action of forgiveness and surrender to Synchronicity in the holographic field the multidimensional waves coming in and being disruptive and grounding yourself in Spirit to thrive. You will be presented over and over with having to ADJUST and adapt to movement and the need for you and those around you to wake up. Red Skywalker kin will be near you or the attributes coming forward to stimulate your lessons. Being more retiring as White WB, Red Skywalker with their high-handed and high-minded ways will likely bother you but they have much to teach you about accepting what comes. We bother everyone so no matter.
  • If you were born a dharmic Red Skywalker kin you are here to teach that earth is a place to explore and discover, not be complacent lest you be run over, distracted by the toys, or preyed on. We ask people to get moving and work on themselves, set boundaries, and develop courage when the time is right. There is no coddling here. Earth is just space and 4D manifestation only, it’s not full reality. We’re in a hologram and most are asleep to that fact. We are crusaders to form a connection between heaven and earth and have already done it in other lifetimes on other planets. Red SW will come upon kin that are rigid or stuck in their ways, resistant to change and need to be more independent. It’s important for Red SW to lead in whatever work they do and never feel guilty for knowing which way to go in dimensions one through four while others are blind. We are time travellers. You may have been born into a family focused on death and virtue signalling through suffering to jog your memory of being done with that. There is no need for it after you’ve learned that it doesn’t work to improve anything. Personal empowerment and action rules the day. God is in us, not out there, unconditionally. Any other teaching is incorrect.
  • If you were born a karmic Blue Hand kin, you are here to learn to be a healer, be accomplished and know that you know, not doubt yourself. Yellow human kin or their attributes will repeatedly come up forcing you to see that people have freewill no matter what you prefer, for good or ill and you can’t control it. Humans hold the grail, the chalice or vessel of higher power and influence. Being wise, responsible and a hard worker are good things. Accomplishment is not high degrees and letters behind your name. Being a farmer, harvester and abundant in friends and life is success. Don’t give up your independence.
  • If you were a born dharmic Yellow Human kin you are here to teach freedom, freewill, abundance, working hard to create what you need independently,  and being a straightforward down to earth person. You may be born into an atmosphere that is somehow restrictive or not demonstrative so you have to bounce back knowing that you are strong and have already accomplished much on a personality level in other life times. There are different kinds of intelligence and not all of it is book knowledge.
  • If you were born a karmic Yellow Star kin you are here to learn to be an artist and create beauty for a living which you will do very well being clever and energetic. However, you will have lessons that Blue Monkey can teach you and you will likely resist. Yellow Star cares very much about appearances, like all of the yellow kin. Social networking is Yellow Kin life-blood. Issues of integrity, honesty, social principle and applying yourself will come up over and over.
  • If you were born a dharmic Blue Monkey you are likely charismatic or a performer. Physically very attractive, Blue Monkey kin understands magic, chanelling and creating. You are here to teach the value of being lighthearted and less serious. Some of you are clowns but there is always magic in your sphere.
  • If you were born a karmic Red Moon kin you are probably an empath and extremely sensitive. Ignore others who criticize you for that. Mean criticism is not love and your analog is LOVE. That’s what you need. You have a special healing skill, are usually very psychic and dreamy and like to be alone. Red Moon needs to sit in their own space and remote view in the ether. Your purpose is to purify, flow and use Universal water to do it. You can also be quite funny. You are fantasy prone, mutable, aware and strong in feelings. Don’t get cynical about the severity on earth. Attract White Dog kin teach to you or a mate who is White Dog. They will stimulate your lessons about using your empathic healing ability to create love and loyalty in your own life without feeling like you have to defend yourself.
  • If you were born a dharmic White Dog kin you are here to teach Love, loyalty and heart-centeredness. You are a mellow, strong leader and good companion. You can be faithful, a team player and a joiner depending on your tone of creation. You benefit from teaching a Red Moon kin. They need your highest vibe. So if you haven’t remembered that you already went through Red Moon lessons they will stimulate your memory. There is no way that any White Dog kin needs to go through emotional upheaval or addiction. Let it go and sit in your open heart chakra to heal yourself.

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