Our DNA is Programmed by our Dharma and Karma in Time

This was originally posted in 2021.

This is in synchronicity with the lemniscate that unites your Theme at Birth with its analog. One is on the CA strand or the past and the other is on the AC strand or the future. You are always working out and living in the past, present, and future as a whole. That is time and is 4 dimensions united.

The infinty symbol represents the absolute energy synergy between the right and left sides of the body. This needs to be the foundation of all healthcare. Whatever is happening on one side, it’s happening on the other NO MATTER HOW IT FEELS TO YOU. Your body is ONE WHOLE PIECE, top to bottom, right to left.

The good we have done, how much we have loved and first been good to ourselves and consequently others puts us in touch with our Higher Self and our stash of dharma. The people we have loved and been good to may return to you in this life and be supportive and maybe adoring. However, there is always a choice. It’s not true that just because you love someone they will return that love.

Being spiritually asleep, 4D clenched, tuned out to the Universe, in love with money, sex, vanity, and earthy power, using others to lie and scheme, and believing we only turn to worm food at the end of our lives is creating karma. The people you have mistreated or used will come back to you to even the score or start some new drama, usually addiction.

The first 10 Mayan tribes are on the karma or CA strand. I believe this means you’ve come to the planet to begin your lessons by working through your karma. YOUR ANALOG is the key to supporting your journey to get your dharma going so study it well and work it. For instance, if you are in the Red Dragon tribe, the meditation of White Mirror is your key to releasing negative memory, stress with family, or your mother. The tone will affect those attributes. In my case, I was born Red Skywalker on the AC or solar prophetic dharma outbreath. But my analog is 13 Worldbridger, cosmic death, and change on the karmic side. I already worked through it, I just needed to remember that I did in this body in order to achieve my mission. Indeed, there was death and change all around me until I was 52 but I used my Skywalker Dharma to walk through it and remember on a cosmic level. Now I can leave a body of inspiring work on the planet. Whoever picks up, or doesn’t so be it. I did my job.

The second 10 Mayan tribes are on the AC strand or Aboriginal Continuity meaning the future can help continue the present in a positive, dharmic manner. We just have to remember our past and present by tuning in to the Dreamtime.

Dharma-The AC strand of Every DNA Cell in Your Light Body

This is your destiny future moving into the present. Dharma is seen in detail in the entire birth theme-plex harmonic spun out, meaning 20 kin. It can actually be spun out further to the ancillary analog kin. An individual’s dharma can also be seen in detail in the North node Sabian symbol interpretation of your natal birth chart.

Karma-The CA Strand, Civilizational Advance, of Every DNA Cell in Your Physical Body

This is the past moving into the present. Karma can be seen in detail in the entire inverse birth harmonic spun out to 20 kin. An individual’s karma can also be seen in detail in the South Node Sabian Symbol interpretation of your natal birth chart.

Being in a body your mother gave you, and thus in time, gives you the opportunity to use it wisely…or not.

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