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When you see “oops. This page is not available” I believe it’s me deleting a post because I wanted to.

Meaning, although you all would have likely appreciated the post, I’m trying to kick the habit of always giving the disclosure men a voice when there needs to be gender balance. Women need to lead on this but don’t and it’s highly dysfunctional.

I was raised in this society so it’s my habit to let the man’s low voice speak first. I’m sick to death of it. People like listening to a man, studies have shown.

My destiny is to lead and wear this difficult cloak. I know that and I can take the hits. I already do. Men who see my YouTube videos tell me I need to be a blonde. Men in my office make comments to me all the time and hit on me instead of coming for medical treatment they desperately need.

Straight women need to stop indulging men in objectifying us. Women do it to each other too. There is nothing wrong with beauty but men should not put us IN THAT BOX first. It’s up to us not to let them.

My son says it’s our generation. I totally see that the young people are not like that. And notice that is the middle-aged and older people making a ruckus about DISCLOSURE. The kids could care less. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. A.I. is preying on them. It keeps me up at night. Freaking Elon Musk. The kids don’t like him though.

I just know females of all ages need to lead equally with the men as we go forward. I’m trying to watch myself on this issue but it feels futile. Fortunately I’m literally not capable of kissing anyone’s ass ever.

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