Today is 12/12/2022 and adds up to 12

1+2+1+2+2+2+2=12. There is a lot of Polarization there. This is more suitable for yesterday than today.

Even if you add it 12+12+2022 =2046. That also adds to 12. Ah, but 1+2=3 so there ya have it. Today is a 3.

Yesterday must have added up to 2 so we are proceeding forward as I said but it may look opposite. I saw 12:34 on the clock today too. That means all is going as it should.

Cool. 😎

Maybe 13 Star is the culmination I was referring to today for three different reasons. So Blue 12 Crystal Hand or communal healing actually finished on some level today and harmonized.

I finally trust my body intuition more than what the doctors say. I was fair-minded and gave them a hearing and a chance for 7 months. They were wrong. So onward with my holistic way.

I hope you came to some empowering realization that puts you in the drivers seat as well.

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