Monday Frequencies; Transcendent Beauty and Art Does Exist on Earth

Today is Yellow 13 Cosmic Star; art, beauty, harmony, creativity, and cleverness. All supported by Magic and illusion.

There was a very charming, happy little girl at my P.T. appointment this morning that responded to another client by saying “We don’t love things we love people.” At first I thought, how wise out of the mouths of babies. But this is Grand Rapids. She was taught that at a conservative Christian school that over- compensates for the lack of true spiritual insight and experience and the development of materialistic Christianity. That, and this area is Dutch. They are similar to Amish in their spartan ways.

I’m from Chicago and was raised going to high art, opera, great musical concerts and theater as a child. We weren’t rich, at all, just very middle class and intelligent. All of my family were intelligent although some were very “good ole boy”. That’s patriarchal America, par for the course.

Anyway, I do love well made, crafted art and my piano. I’m not “super attached” to them but they do bring joy to me. Most people do not. I’m sorry. I find most humans to be very insecure and needy and not willing to take care of themselves, mind-body-spirit. In addition they lie a lot. Yellow 13 Star reminds us that all 3 are ONE. People, their bodies and their things are unified.

We end the 13-day cycle and the 28-day moon today as well as the lunar cycle Full Moon. So as we begin this week we have a culmination from Yellow 1 Warrior. What realization did you come to in this cycle? I realized that people who let their body, mind, and soul slide down are lazy like most people, but call it a virtue because they don’t believe they are materialistic so they are better than beauty, which they are jealous of. No, they just aren’t willing to work at it and have an even bigger ego than I do. My ego was checked when my P.T. pointed out that my short sleeved shirt was inside out. I had pulled it out of the back of my closet quickly. We had a laugh. 😃

Once in awhile, or ideally, all the time, we should focus on great music, art and literature that has been created across all human cultures on earth. When you focus on good things you create more good things. God knows MSM and even real news is focused on bad news ALL THE TIME. I don’t believe their minds are capable of believing in or seeing goodness. Thus the condition of the planet.

There isn’t much shadow in Yellow Star unless they’ve been corrupted by greed and social climbing. That does happen with this kin because Venus is very vain. I have Yellow 1 Magnetic Star as my Hidden Wisdom and I consider myself vain. Or…do I just need beauty and art around me like air? Yellow Star does not believe in sacrifice and religious mortification of the flesh. It’s the opposite. Venus celebrates love and beauty manifested. That’s the way life is supposed to be, naturally. How is that vain?

Taurus and Libra Sun kin are ruled by Venus. They can be extremely materialistic but it sure beats ugliness and vulgarity. I appreciate the natural beauty they bring to our world.


Amplitude is 11

All Evolving DNA

Yellow 13 Cosmic Star Leucine evolving with asparagine, glutamic acid, tyrosine and glutamine.

Al of those amino acids help our muscles to tone and work well.

Local System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
  • Today’s Sun-Saturn sextile supports disciplining ourselves to bring more purpose and practicality to our lives. This time of increased self-awareness leads to realistic plans and goals. This influence keeps our feet on the ground. We’re giving our priorities extra attention and our best efforts. We prefer conservative, safe moves now – slow and steady suits us fine. We feel grounded and stable. It’s easy to stick to a particular task and make headway. Considering the practical side and time/energy limitations make for better planning. Sun-Saturn gives us a sense of rhythm and helps us pace ourselves. It’s also a good time to humble ourselves to sage advice.

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