Elon Musk Releases Twitter Files Exposing Secret Blacklists


This is horrific but I knew it was going on. I’ve been shadow banned on Twitter every time I’ve been on.

I’m guessing I’m being minorly stalked or blocked by WordPress as well. I’ll get 70 views but only 10 visitors often.

It could just be sexism too. People really have no tolerance for smart women posting or talking about science. If I was a guy my blog would be through the roof and called groundbreaking. But because I’m female it’s just freakish and obnoxious. Well good. I’m fully aware of that. Karma for that mindset. I’m not stopping.

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  1. I will tell you….alot of the posts I click on…say..”oops the page you are seeking is no longer available. “…or something close to those words. I definitely feel like they are censoring you.

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