Younger Dryas – The Last Cataclysm on Earth

10,800 was the date of the last Apocalypse on earth. Geologists know that for a fact but they don’t apply it to much archeology or talk about it.

So in 180 years we hit the 13,000 year cycle point that WE know is correct. It’s not a 12,000 year cycle.

They believe a comet or comets started it which the ancients interpreted as a Serpent in the sky so that effigy is found all over the world.

12,800 years ago from today was when the world ice age began from Aquarius and Pisces Constellations.

So we’re looking at 2200 A.D., 180 years in the future for the next one, the time of our grandchildren when they will need to prepare ahead and build high tech underground living spaces to survive it. It’s not far off but in my opinion, not imminent in our lifetime. Nor did Graham Hancock say that. He did say Head’s Up! Absolutely go to my post yesterday on his Netflix documentary. It is fabulous. I learned most of this from him. He is Yellow 4 Warrior. The c+×÷= and the MSM scientists hate him. Feather in his cap!🥳🧐

Apparently, when it hits, it changes the planet in a matter of two weeks.

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