Friday Frequencies-We’re at a Standstill in Order to Survive. It Feels Like We’re Frozen. Weird Vibe.

We don’t need much food. Running high lightbody energy which I do, I only eat when my brain says I have to. It starts to glitch if I don’t. I don’t have stomach hunger signal and if I do it’s easy to ignore by drinking water.

I’m a brainiac and the brain burns most of our calories. Google it. That’s why I eat. People who don’t think much really need little food and if you do eat, you’ll gain.

There is an odd balance for each individual that is based on metabolism, size of your body, and lifestyle. These boxes about calories, weight, carbs and protein aren’t one size fits all. It’s maddening.

We enter a new HF 52 today, Cosmic Store; Remember the elegance of presence. Ehat does that mean in this harmonic in stagnation in physical. It’s really bugging me today and Red 10 Skywalker is guiding which is manifested SPACE. I want to figure out my body. We all need to! I’m obsessed with my body being what I want it to be yet honor It’s evolution with humanity, which is sacred. Our ancestry is common and the anatomy of our bodies unifies us in a most beautiful 😍 way. But our lightbody is individual.

This is I Ching 12; Standstill/Stagnation; DNA nucleotide TGA a Stop Codon. It is also an OMEGA (end) point by the time we hit the end of the harmonic at Yellow 13 Cosmic Star.


ScR is 7

DNA Frequency

Red 10 Serpent Serine~White 10 Wizard Lysine, Red 10 Skywalker Glutamine, Blue 10 Eagle Arginine, Yellow 4 Warrior Histidine (Graham Hancock synchronicity today)

The 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Eagle, kin 95.

“I define in order to create. Measuring mind, I seal the output of vision with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of magic. I am a polar kin. I convert the blue galactic spectrum.”

This kin is Bill Evans and Morton Lauridsen, two of the most brilliant musicians to walk the planet in our era.

The 3D Hexagram is the Equator–270 degrees East (90 degrees West as the planet curves)-close to the Yellow Human Time Portal near Galapagos Island.

The 4D Time Portal is 60 degrees N–75 degrees E in Northern Russia

Solar System Frequencies

Out solar.system planets are in the middle between the amino acid tribes they mediate. Memorize this image. The right side is feminine the left side male. This is also our body.

Maldek asteroid belt is our mediating planet today.

All Zodiac Signs
  • A Venus-Jupiter square this morning can exaggerate or expand our affections, and this state of mind can lead to overdoing and overstating our feelings. However, if we keep this in check, it can be helpful for entertaining new ideas and approaches related to pleasure, money, and love. Because this aspect forms in the final degree of the signs, it’s particularly important to watch for snap decision-making in these areas.
  • Tonight, Venus enters Capricorn for a stay until January 2nd. During this time, we are more likely to form connections with people who support our ambitions. We value enduring relationships, reliability, and faithfulness. We take expressing our feelings seriously and could take our time warming up to others.
  • The Moon enters Cancer early today and is warm, encompassing, and protective.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:15 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Cancer at 2:50 AM EST.


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