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This article is from 2017 and some things have improved in 5 years, I think, because the new generation of kids isn’t willing to suffer inequities, especially with regard to gender. So essentially, this is for my gender and culture myopic generation, we middle-aged people. We weren’t raised properly in my opinion. It didn’t help that in the 60’s, when many of us were born, the c%^&* was assassinating as many truth-tellers, conducting an ethical, unnecessary Vietnam war and people were falling like flies dead. This was fallout from what we discovered in the 50’s that went underground which we are still trying to disclose. The current generation has no concept of any of the blood that flowed in our day and how corrupt the government became.

I’m sharing this again because it gets views every day and I want to pull some quotes from it. It’s obviously an unaddressed issue under the radar in our society in 2022.

Smart women, all over the world upset the structure of patriarchy.

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The system of inclusion or exclusion among the fully human is upset when someone who is not authorized to have a mind reveals one.

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Society generally trains girls to play lower status than boys. Smart women disrupt status transactions, and other people put them back in their place, like children who interrupt grownups. This is obvious on talk shows that have panels, where men talk and women get hands placed on their shoulders or forearms to remind them to wait until the adults have finished speaking.

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First, our verbal community teaches us to consider ourselves a mental creature, and then it teaches us to include others as well in that category. Not everyone is included, most especially people from different tribes and people who are to be treated as less than fully human—enemies, servants, foreigners, and (for men) women.

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Some groups of women (especially in some classrooms) join together around not standing out, around not making the other women feel bad. Smart women can make other women feel envious or inadequate.

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Lisa’s Comments on this article;

1. People are in charge of their own feelings just as they think their own thoughts. Therefore it’s impossible for another person’s actions to trump the power you have over yourself to feel and think what you want. People try but they only succeed if you let them.

2. Men act superior all the time and rarely act humble. I don’t see men acting humble. It’s socially unacceptable for them to do so. The author states that he wants to see a woman acting intelligent with delight, not superiority, in his first paragraph.

Not gonna happen. Some women, in fact most women, ARE smarter than men for a myriad of reasons and we’ve acted dumb and delightful long enough. Even the field. Intelligence expectations should not be based on gender and women are sick of faking. I am and I won’t. Thus I come across as having a superiority complex when in fact, I’m just being myself which is taboo in our culture. I don’t care…at all. I’m reasonable. My IQ is 137 which is gifted, not genius so I’m in the upper middle. Big whoop. 🤭 I’m here to help, not fatten my ego, otherwise I wouldn’t spend hours without pay for years on end on this blog.

Actually the topic of intelligence bores me. People can be plenty interesting without being super smart. Most of my patients are like that. I’m not super smart but super intuitive and I don’t hide it. That’s how I’m different.

The patriarchy is 12:60 Time is Money culture held up by The Church and The c$%^^. Once we get our minds straight about TRUE TIME, the genders will equal out as well.

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