Thursday Reading-Yellow 9 Solar Seed Valine. Full Moon Today

Attributes are; Empowerment, Focus, Setting Intention and Becoming Aware, All Genders, and All Cultures including E.T. Species.

DNA Evolution-All Life in Our System

9Valine, 9Arginine, 9Stop Codon, 9Lysine and 5Phenylalanine.

Mayan symbols; Seed, Eagle, Sun, Wizard, and Earth

Planets pulsing are Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt and Uranus

5gforce to uplevel to 5D is kin96, Yellow 5 Overtone Warrior.

“I empower in order to question. Commanding fearlessness I seal the output of intelligence with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of flowering.”

ScR-Measurement of the Magnetosphere

It has been staying at 13. Good round number. It appears flat though in the 2 lower layers closest to earth. 🌎

4D time portal is 60 degrees S–165 degrees East in the South Pacific, South of Australia.

This is also the current 3D Hexagram location so, synchronicity in all dimensions.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we’re playing with ideas and making plans. This Moon encourages a connected, communicative approach to our lives.
  • With a Uranus-Juno transit, we’re open to change. We might leverage our ability to lead and inspire. This can be a time of dynamic, positive group activities and friendly energy in our relationships. We can be together and give one another space simultaneously, accepting and respecting individuality. Interactions are fresh, progressive, and inspiring.


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