DNA Can Fix Itself

But they don’t understand it nor can they explain it why it works the way it does. We have the universe inside each of our BILLION cells in our body. When the DNA strands go in opposite directions IT’S TIME. One is moving to the future, one the past, your future and your past.

At the end Jordan is flabbergast. Well, how many thousands of light workers down through the ages have said that every cell of our body is conscious and then were burned at the stake by the Church or others and called witches? Too many women seeing it and the men not understanding it?

Maybe the scientists aren’t listening. Or maybe they only believe it if it manifests itself as a turkey sandwich, a cup of coffee and a paycheck. That’s called Newtonian materialism and it’s spiritually at kindergarten level.

What is the difference between a Light worker and a witch/warlock/magician? Physics. Facts of Nature. We can explain it better now. Light Workers feel and know how to work with the Light Body/Qi.

My Chinese Acupen doesn’t work unless my hand is on the patient. Meaning, it is battery operated and produces electricity but without MY QI, my ELM energy from my body it stops working. It’s proof that we are full of ELM energy that we generate ourselves. That’s why we are visible in the body. The light body is another matter which we can feel easily through the chakras.

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