Wednesday Frequencies-Full Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury)

Body Frequencies

Saturn Mediates
8Alanine, 8histine, 8isoleucine, 8glutamine, 6tyrosine

The 5gforce to balance the body is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth, kin 97.

“I organize in order to evolve. Balancing synchronicity I seal the matrix of navigation with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Earth’s Magnetosphere Psi Bank

ScR is 13 in Russia. Here it is an 8. The measurement of all ELM energy on Earth is generated by our evolving DNA. ALL living things generate there own electromagnetic energy. We call it QI. The weather, including the lightning. is created by all sentient beings; humans, animals, plants, the earth.

4DTime portal is a Signal Kin; 30 degrees south–120 degrees east, SW Australia by Lake Moore.

Solar System Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs

Saturn is mediating in 4D today in coordination with these 3D alignments.

Mars is Red Skywalker, Earth is Blue Hand, Neptune is White Mirror.

  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and it reaches full tonight at 11:08 PM EST, bringing information to light. It’s a time to release, reveal, or announce something, particularly communications or learning-related, to which you want others to catch on. It’s not ideal, however, for revealing a matter that you want to downplay since whatever comes to light now will likely have some fanfare surrounding it.
  • With the Moon aligned with retrograde Mars, past matters or statements can emerge. There can be a lot of information coming in today. We should aim to take it in and process everything before making important decisions. The coming days are powerful for new ideas, but they’re genuinely new and require more time to develop and mature.
  • The Full Moon in Gemini is curious and hungry for ideas and information. It can bring sudden awareness to our lives and a rather urgent “need to know,” to get an important message across, to finish a communications project, or to make an announcement. Travel and communications are in sharp focus. There can be a genuine desire to master a situation. Watch for too-quick decisions and actions, but pay close attention to what illuminates now.
  • It can be an especially revealing time with the Moon full and the Sun approaching an opposition to Mars.
  • With the Sun quincunx Uranus and heading into opposition to Mars, careless or impulsive behavior can be a problem, or a battle of wills can occur. We could be dealing with changes in plans or a restless urge for change that interferes with the flow. Some fear of change can temporarily stop us in our tracks, but we may get the chance to refine and recalibrate. We could feel thwarted or blocked. There can be a sudden awareness of things that have made us unhappy, angry, or resentful, and this discovery is likely to arise through our interactions. However, through the events or the tensions of this time, we can ultimately get to a better understanding of ourselves, particularly of our desires.


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