I’m Getting More Views from WordPress Readers

The Home page is getting the most hits since I’m getting the categories done but still more superficial views that ignore what I’m posting than actual visitors.

Very few critical thinkers out there? You don’t want to be challenged by what CNN is telling you? Good luck with that.

I only have 487 more posts to categorize. It looks like my SCIENCE category has the most posts at 709 at the moment. Next is Mayan Daily Readings at 505. Tzolkin Matrix Analysis is at 123. Authors are at 191 and you can type in a specific name.

I’ve read and studied heavyweights so none of this is fiction romance fantasy. Lol. I like the juicy nerdy stuff. I know it’s taboo for a girl but I’m being myself. You don’t really prefer fake females do you? That pretend they’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

Most women are very smart and don’t let on to women or men that they know a thing or two. Women are highly, highly, HIGHLY objectified and valued first for their looks and body, not their brain. Sickens me.

If this continues, it will be the end of the human race. Everyone has to pivot and value women’s MINDS as well. I mean it! I like beauty as much as anyone but IT DOES NOT COME FIRST. Not on this blog.

Lisa T.

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