The Time Pulses of The Tzolkin Control the Seasonal Plates of Earth..

Including the Temple of the Human Body

Map 44 in Earth Ascending. The time pulses from the 4D Time portals are on the left, pretty wild. The image on the right shows how it pulses directly to our bodies. We may as well be doing cartwheels with these Earth changes.

The Time Portals pulse to an area on earth that is 9, 850,000 miles. That number x 20 is 197,000,000 which is the surface of the earth. There are 20 time portal.

But there are 64, 3D Hexagrams. Each 4D time portal has either 2 or 4 3D hexagrams to which the time portals pulse.

In N. America, We are in Blue Monkey 4D Time Portal. 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal pulses to 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63 all next to each other on earth.

This is 30 degrees N–150 degrees West in the N. Pacific between Baja, CA and Hawaii. Jose lived in the Time portal when he was alive and he was Blue 11 Monkey.

His HF was HF3 which began with Red 9 Solar Moon. That harmonic pulses Moon, Dog, Monkey, Human. These are all the ginormous 4D Time portals that pulse to the 3D territorial areas on the planet so it’s clear to me looking at Map 32 that the Time pulses from the Tzolkin control the Seasonal plates of Earth. The time pulses bounce all over the place because there are more hexagrams on earth than portals. Each day it changes since the time portal pulses change daily. Then factor in the fact that each solar day has 5 kin spinning not just one.

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