Monday Frequencies-Balance your Body Equally, Both Sides, Both Gender Principles

We enter Harmonic Family 51 today; Solar input, inform the flowering of intention as we move toward Yellow 9 Solar Seed over 4 days. This is I Ching Hexagram 17 which is DNA nucleotide CGC Arginine, Blue Eagle. The attribute is “Following”.

Earth’s Magnetosphere Psi Bank

ScR is 9 at 5am EST but you can see yesterday that it was flat-lined to 0 for several hours!

3D Hx location-Hx17-It’s in the S. Polar zone on the furthest south east corner or the planet, away from the 180 degree meridian; 90 degrees south, 0-45 degrees east, Yellow Seed Portal area which is 60 degrees south–165 degrees east in the South Pacific, south of Australia. This is a gateway region of the planet. This makes sense. The harmonic pulses Dragon, Wind, Night Seed so all of these gateways pulse to Yellow Seed area.

4D time portal location-30 degrees north–30 degrees east in CAIRO, Egypt (Ra-The Law of One)

5gforce is Blue 8 Galactic Storm (Hmm) kin 99. Used in meditation, this mantra up-levels our mind-body. This kin is the gateway of J. C.’s death (date given in the Urantia Book)

“I harmonize in order to catalyze. Modeling energy I seal the matrix of self-generation with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of abundance.”

All DNA Evolution in Our System Frequencies, Not Just US

NEPTUNE, a large outer planet with a collapsed atmosphere. It rules Pisces ♓️ considered a soft, nurturing water sign. They have us fooled. Tiny, sweet Audrey Hepburn was Red Dragon.
6 Cysteine, 6 Tyrosine, 6 Cysteine, 6 Asparagine, 8 Stop Codon.

These amino acids help our brains remain stable. Eat foods of all colors to get your nutrients. And hang around people of all cultures for the same reason.

Solar System 3D Frequencies

All Zodiac Signs
Muggle Madness. Focus. Self-control.
  • With the Moon in Taurus all day, we crave stability, favoring steadiness over innovation.
  • The Moon aligns with the North Node, reminding us to improve. (N.Node is your destiny) We’re learning to pull away from stress and be more content, patient, and self-satisfied.
  • As the day advances, a Mercury-Jupiter square comes into play, and we need room to explore and create, visualize new solutions to problems, and express ourselves freely. However, we are inclined to exaggerate or miss the bigger point. We should watch for a strong tendency to overstate or overestimate in our quest for meaning. Mental anxiety could manifest as we can swing from blind faith to doubt, making it difficult to make good, practical choices. We might also watch for scattering our energies or taking on too many activities at once–we could be looking so far ahead that we forget the essential details or disclaimers. We might waste our time on inconsequential matters.
  • With this Pisces transit occurring in the last degree of the signs, we should be particularly mindful of making impatient decisions. (Sychronicity with our THEME)


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