Blogging, Categorizing and Tagging Update

This is one of my books available on Amazon that anyone would enjoy for a Christmas gift.

I’m down to only 560 uncategorized posts. This is grueling work.

I can’t believe how much the media connected UFO reports with the Covid19 psyop in 2021. I see the connection in my posts as I was posting media reports.

I also dropped all of Ben’s videos because I disagree with his approach, Dr. Greer, and some of Michael Salla. Corey is the only one I still support. There are no outspoken, smart women in my field. It’s lonely. At least I have female followers. I also see that my follower and post views are increasing. That’s heartening.

Keep looking up Mayan Daily Readings that may pertain to you by searching on your tribe and the amino acid or one or the other

“Red 13 Skywalker” for example or “glutamine”

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