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Have you heard about this? I’m watching the documentary on Prime Video called Oppy.

The mission lasted 15 years.

Mars was Maldek until a huge portion of the planet was blown off by the Tiamat blow up. So, in essence, these are scientists waking up their past memories of the planet. They don’t know that.

As I’m watching this I’m seeing that humans STILL have the Maldekian inclination to project a life and soul into a robot. It’s repulsive but fascinating. It’s A.I. propaganda from NASA so far.

Very interesting section on the Sun propelling the largest solar flares ever while the rocket was headed toward Mars. The meaning of that from the sentient sun could be myriad.

They landed January 3, 2004 which was Blue 3 Electric Eagle, very synchronistic with an American space program giving us eyes to see a planet.

Still, check it out and see what you think.

They activated all right!

This is the day the rover Spirit died. Yellow 9.Solar Human. Again how appropriate.
NASA called each day Sol and counted the days the rover lived by Sols, meaning Sun. Humans did influence and gained knowledge from this mission.

This is the day Opportunity discovered water on Mars, 3/9/2012
Enlightenment is apt. There was a civilization on Mars but that was already in the channeled and ancient history of Mars. The scientists needed and found their kind of proof of course. Water.💧

At the end of the documentary they start asking the questions we have answers to.

Mars used to be like earth. What happened? Tiamat was actually more like earth and Maldek was its Moon. The Maldekians became hypnotized by technology and Lucifer, then an angel of light which is what luce means, light. He encouraged them in their ambition. They tried to harness the power of the Sun (Sol) and made a critical timing error. The weapon was reversed and blew up Tiamat becoming the asteroid belt still there right now with its PSI BANK, it’s MIND and collective memory holding the asteroid belt in orbit.

We resettled on Earth with the leadership of Red Skywalker and White Worldbridger tribes mediated by Mars with a contract in place that humans would absolutely be stopped by The Guardians if we tried to use weapons of mass destruction and they HAVE shut them down in our modern day. We will not be allowed, in our error and greed, to keep blowing up each other and planets.

The last day Opportunity rover was alive was 6/10/2018, Blue 6 Rhythmic Night. She sent a message back to NASA, “It’s really getting dark.” A huge dust storm was rolling in. She was not heard from again.

2/12/2019…nothing. They picked the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” which is a love song about a relationship ending and this was the gateway. White 6 Dog.

Humans need to learn the lesson of the Maldek/Mars disaster and love one another and listen to our INTUITION, our Higher mind and not be so enamored with technology. We need to love our own bodies, the earth, and each other.


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