The Binary Pulse of Time in Our DNA

I found this blog I posted last year. Check out my new byline on the header of the blog. I think I have my HOOK into people’s consciousness. It just needs to spread.

It’s the STRANDS of Time, not the hands of time. The hands of time are the hands on a clock. A clock is not time, it just approximately keeps track of solar time which only observes three dimensions. The clock is blind in other words. We, as humans, are not.

“From an ocean itself evolved from the stars, the crossover polarity dynamic of the double helix emerges; two currents of energy simultaneously processing information in opposite directions; two strands of information, the one containing the template of the other, a mere microscopic fragment–yet encompassing the pattern of the whole process of growth, evolution and universal order itself. Alive, therefore pulsing; a rhythmic counterpoint of negative and positive pulsations. Everything pulsing, dynamic and full.

And time, so completely a manifestation of this primal process is no different; a binary pulse, a back and forth sweep of vision, transformation and synthesis, the interweaving of aboriginal continuity (future into the present) and civilizational advance (the past into the present). (Lisa added parentheses content)

As a magnification of the binary triplet configuration exemplified in the primal pattern of DNA, time, the process of planetary hominization remains obedient to the fundamental principle of crossover polarity. With this simple image in mind, we may begin to probe beneath the conditioned words, the slogans, the competing ideologies, to the actualities of the holonomic process of planet earth. In so doing, we may discover that what we call history has been only a dramatic instance of transformation resulting from a moment of utter uniqueness in which humans as DNA, in crossing heaven and earth in themselves, jump-started the consciousness of the planet.”—

Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending page 66

Humans…jump-started the consciousness of the planet. We did it, not the E.T., not the Sun exactly, although it helped. We started it, we can keep it moving and evolving as free actors and we can improve this corner of the galaxy! Humans have great potential if we can trust ourselves and one another. And how do we do this? Through our MAGNIFICENT, superliminal BODIES. Your body IS TIME. Meditate on that and feel how super magnetic your QI is, focused by your mind and feelings.-Lisa T. Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker

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