Friday Reading; White 3 Electric Mirror to See Part of Ourselves That’s Hidden

Blue 11 Spectral Night in the Hidden Wisdom subconscious position will help us do that.

In 3D it’s 12/2/2022. 5, 2’s = 10 + 1 = 11 which is Tone 11. Good synchronicity there with the Hidden Wisdom.

3~11pulse today, electric to spectral, activating to dissolve whatever is still blocking us. Dissolving adhesions is what my acupuncture pen does. I use it in my office on patient’s stone-like muscles. The electric zap 1-9 activates the BLOOD via ELM energy and it’s directed electrons. They like it and it works.

People need zapping, including me. The earth signs, especially, Taurus, ♉️, Virgo♍️ , and Capricorn♑️ pride themselves on a dense body, strong muscles, strong body and stubborn demeanor. Well guess what that does to your emotional human body? Water, blood, what we ARE, needs to flow. It hooks us into our Higher mind intuition. Uranus zaps our consciousness and makes us flow. We see that as our Guide power today; White 3 Wind. Gosh, good thing or we’d be dead. Dissolving and letting go is the key to life.

Be sure to look at the Uranus transit in Taurus Sun at the bottom. Aquarius attributes are doing a song and dance on our Taurus kin.

Body Frequency

Tone 3 Neptune, Uranus, and Venus, and Tone 11 Saturn

5gforce is White 11 Spectral Wind pulsing with the Guide Power; White 3 Electric Wind. It creates a vital electric storm or lightning. We may see some sharper communication that is karmic more than truth. It’s hard to say on this planet because there is NO transparency. On Earth, all that is good and true is shrouded by a curtain of error. The feeling is, that curtain is about to go up and all will be revealed. It’s called Disclosure.

Now I see looking at the Dreamspell that tomorrow is Blue 4 Storm so that is what we are prepping for. The ScR will likely rise. And there is White 10 Wind in the subconscious position during the Uranus transit! Uranus mediates White Wind.

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power is 13

3D hexagram; 15-Equator–165 degrees East near Micronesia

4D time portal; White Mirror; 30 degrees S–30 degrees E on the Southeast Coast of South Africa

The earth does whatever WE do. That’s how that rolls. And we are in tune with the earth automatically and listen to what she needs as well. It’s deep stuff and I and My son are all over it. Every day we vibe on the weather and note the mood change and body changes that come with it. 8 billion humans cannot escape the symbiosis with the planet and the planet can’t escape us.

Then all 10 planets give cues to the Sun and the sun acts.

Solar System Frequency

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in direct Aries, aligning with Chiron and harmonizing with the Sagittarius Sun. The desire to initiate and move on is strong today. We’re bold and ready to take action but sometimes impatient. We seek a fresh start now, and we’re quick to let go of the past–we want to come first.
  • We can feel particularly hopeful and enthusiastic in the hours surrounding the Moon’s trine to the Sagittarius Sun this evening.
  • The Moon’s alignment with Chiron can pull up the need to deal with unresolved emotional matters. It’s a good time to explore our feelings about what it means to us to win or come first.


Sabian Transit

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