Maricopa County Votes to Certify Election Results

Maricopa County Votes to Certify Election Results

No. Time for Arizonians to shut down the state completely until there is a serious investigation. You have to force the corrupt hand of the D.S.

The Dem they put in there is unstable Blue 2 Storm. She would would soon hit a wall and probably quickly ruin the state government. Maybe that’s their karma if they don’t fix this. No way she is a Governor. Kari Lake is Yellow Human, about freewill and liberty. She was elected. But the law doesn’t matter to the left. “It is what it is.” is what they call a rational response. Unstable. Like parents beating their child illegally and immoral. “It is what it is.” No REAL remedy. That’s progressive?

Well, there are two paths here. Let that woman be in there falsely and she’ll bankrupt Arizona and Kari Lake will be free to shoot higher and run as Trumps V.P. That’s where she belongs. Higher.

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