Monday Reading; White 12 Crystal Wizard

Something has fundamentally changed and shifted today. The vibe feels very different; more resistance in the ether. The elite are trying to control the truth harder and aren’t succeeding because the mindset of millions of people are waking up; especially Brazil and China.

It’s obvious Americans are more deluded and controlled about reality than other countries. We’ve been told we’re so special to manipulate us via the ego. We’ve betrayed ourselves and each other for money and Hollywood. That’s our God in the U.S. What about our kids, families, mates and bodies? Nature is being turned on its head. Eat the young is our motto. It’s very Reptilian I’m sorry to say but we have contracts with that species.

Body Frequency

12Lysine, 12Serine, 12Threonine, 12Valine and 2Isoleucine are pulsing today. This is the end of some karma. Our inverse HF is 17.

Our 5GForce which aligns the dimensions today is White 2 Worldbridger pulsing in occult with our Guide Power, White 12 WB.


“I polarize in order to equalize. Stabilizing opportunity I seal the store of death with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

Earth Frequency

Power is 16. Edgy.

4D White Wizard Time Portal is a Gateway Kin in the S. Atlantic off the South Sandwich Islands in the Indian Ocean. This is just east of the I Ching HX 25 location so the 4D is pulsing to 3D.

Interplanetary Frequency

The Asteroid belt/Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Earth are pulsing today. My radar says that the asteroid belt will be gone soon. Its Dreamspell/mindset/psibank needs to die now so Earth can be FREE to go its own way without living in the shadow of those mistakes. Corey teaches that the blowup was a mistake. I don’t think it was. Something may surface on that. We’ll see. Yesterday I had a strong past life memory of the Luciferian problem on Maldek with the Wizard priests. There was a big difference of opinion.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Today’s Mars-Saturn trine favors discipline, moderation, tradition, and realism. (Guide Power and Hidden Wisdom) This transit stimulates productivity, attention to traditional or tried and true methods, pacing ourselves, and temperance. We feel more directed and purposeful and tend to be thorough in our efforts. This aspect first formed in late September, and it’s now returning with retrograde Mars. We could be reviving a project that involves organizing and building. (That’s exactly what I’m doing)
  • Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus later today, and it may not be easy to integrate our needs for companionship or closeness with our desire for freedom and independence. There is a sense that we can only have one or the other. Temporarily, we don’t feel confident enough to rock the boat, but taming rebelliousness makes sense now. (No.)
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius all day.

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