Saturday Oracle; the Purpose of Perfection is to Share Influential Wisdom, not to Serve Ego

Here is info. on the Saturn return transit right on cue with the Moon in Capricorn and Earth mediated 10 Human and 10 Hand as well as Planetary Tone 10. This is a mud bath!

Body Holon Evolution

The Yellow 10 Sun ends an evolutionary sequence as a stop codon and as it winds around today, at dusk we start a new sequence with Red 4 Moon methionine. Note that if you go backwards in time 10 tRNA cells it was Nov 24, Yellow 8 Sun as the antipode. Red Moon was in the oracle as well to start a new sequence.

Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, Stop Codon, Glycine and Methionine

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Moon during a New Moon 🌚 so we may have a new project or idea to perfect that we can focus on bc the tone is self-existing.

Humans are workers. That is in sync with the Moon in Capricorn today. ♑️ It’s an EARTH sign and the mediating planet and tone is planetary Earth. 🌎

The 5GForce to remedy any imbalance is kin 109 Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star mediated by 5DVenus.

“I define in order to beautify. Measuring art I seal the store of elegance with the self-existing tone of form. I am guided by the power of flowering. I am a GAP kin so I pulse for 3 days in 3D.”

Yellow Human pulses to the left thorax above the navel, the digestive area. Tone 10 pulses to the left wrist JOINT.

Earth Holon Evolution

ScR is 21. It just started up at 9:30am EST. We’ve got more action coming at 2PM EST. This feels like a hard grabbing one. Take it easy.

4D time portal coordinates for Yellow Human; Equator–105 degrees West. West of Galapagos Island off the coast of Equador. This pulses to Hx52 in 3D in N. Russia.

Solar System Holon

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Moon spends the day in practical, sensible Capricorn. With this transit, we recognize that reasonable boundaries and rules can reduce worry and chaos. We pay more attention to our long-term goals and responsibilities.
  • Although the Capricorn Moon encourages an appreciation of the tried-and-true or traditional, its trine to Uranus (the antipode is White Wind mediated by Uranus)and the North Node of the Moon suggests we’re somewhat open to different methods. In fact, we can enjoy making small changes that benefit our projects.


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